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Friday, September 26, 2008

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CCIE in 30 days - a great spoof guaranteed to pick up the mood

Tue, 22 Apr 2008 20:02:52 +0000
—–Original Message—–
From:] On Behalf Of Hiriam Masheed Nuwalla MCSE+I
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 10:53 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Another New One
Hi Group,
I just complete my MCSE+I and now I have need for CCIE. I have joined group because I must have CCIE in 30 days, maybe I can wait for 45 days, but no longer. I ...]

May you and yours have a safe and memorable Thanksgiving

Thu, 22 Nov 2007 17:20:08 +0000
It’s Thanksgiving… It’s a time for sharing and spreading happiness with all those we love…
NetMasterClass Team

IP Expert Mock Lab 2

Sat, 06 Sep 2008 12:31:54 +0000
This morning I did Mock Lab 2 from Volume III of the BLS. I started at 5am this morning, so it was a good test to see if I could get my brain into gear at such an early hour! My session started at 5am, and by the time I had loaded the configs for ...]

Week 27 Summary

Wed, 16 Jul 2008 13:23:46 +0000
Week 27 à “How have I managed to create >400 questions for a routing protocol I have seen described as “SIMPLE” in the past!?”

Week’s Study Time:
Study Hours = 14 inc.
Lab Hours = 0
Total study time so far:
Total Study Hours = 321  inc.
Total Lab Hours = 20.5
What I have studied during the last 2 weeks:
Recent test scores:
Numerous ...]

10G Ethernet - The aggregation problem

Thu, 31 Jul 2008 18:00:06 +0000
Hey *, Keith here.  Long time no type.  Anyway I’ve been meaning to write this up here since it’s good information to have, and with Ethan’s post regarding 10G ethernet this seems like the perfect time to get off my duff and do so.
Working at MySpace means tons of high-speed links everywhere.  Typically we’ll have ...]

Keep Conference in CME

Sun, 16 Jul 2006 23:05:53 +0000
By default if conference initiator hangs up the call, the conference is terminated.
To keep the conference parties connected when the conference initator leaves, configure under the  ephone “keep-conference“. When the initiator hangsup the remaining parties stay connected. If he uses the end-call soft key, the conference is terminated.
To keep the conference parties connected when the ...]

Disable resume from MGCP shared line FXS port

Thu, 20 Jul 2006 00:51:44 +0000
This parameter determines if you can resume a call from hold on a MGCP FXS shared line.
Default value is true

EIGRP Offset-Lists and Show IP Protocols

Wed, 17 Sep 2008 14:12:37 +0000
It’s funny how you may have done a task many times and not noticed an IOS feature.  I applied an offset-list to some EIGRP routes and stumbled across some output I had never noticed before (to be fair I usually use offset-lists with RIP and not EIGRP):
No EIGRP offset-list(s) applied:
Rack17SW1#sh ip proto
*** IP Routing is NSF aware ...]

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