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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another Great ccie voice lab workbook Article

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old habit

Today I recalled my old habit in configuring the routers. And today as well, I am using that habit for my home lab

What old habit did I have? Configuring the router using notepad and pasted it to the router. Is it a 'bad' habit
or a 'good' habit? I have no idea!

During my work at various clients (particularly in Australia), I must carry out the router configuraion that way.
Whay is that so? To save time! When a customer request a replacement or a new site setup, most of the time the router
is not yet arrived in the office. Thus, to save time, I configure the router based on my best knowledge on the IOS,
chasis, modules, etc. Then I drafted out the basic configuration for connectivity then build the config from that
point on using all 'imagination' in my head on whether this command would do good once pasted or it will wreck havoc
in the production later. To make things worst, 'usually', the router (or even switch) only transits my office area
for around 4 hours. Thus within that 4 hour, I must be able to configured it in the 'full config' and ship it to the
customer in the same day. I would be lucky to have the router arrived at 5pm, but that means I must ship it before
10am the next working day. That means only 2 hours instead of 4 hour 'transit'.

During that period, there was no such thing called dynamips or in-kind. I must really knock on my head in order to
realized whether the config would work or not (not should!).

As of today, I have a poor Internet connection to home's (dynamips) lab. So, to save time I drafted out the
config, verify it that it would (and should!) work and once I arrived home: pasted it and compared it against the
correct answer. I have a quick glimpse on some answers that I have no idea what it asked. More than 90% of the
question is quite clear for me. Only minor (or silly???) misunderstanding in those 10% that might dragged me down
during my next lab attempt.

In the last two days, I have used extensive full-blown dynagen management. It is a very nice tool and could have
been tweaked for more dynamips options. All-in-all, I already have some idea to develop my own dynamips management
console (I will tell you all later once I got my CCIE number, ok? ;) )

It turned out that my answer so far is able to reach fair amount of correctness (I have not really drill the
details, maybe tonight). I am surprised with the result (and happy of course!)

Now the rest remains in the day of the lab next Monday. I will do my best to pass this one this time and earn the
number that I deserve (and have been desperately waiting on).

Alias huntgroups in SRST

Sun, 27 Aug 2006 16:13:04 +0000
Have phones 2001,2002,2003 in SRST mode in a router. Calls coming into the system from PSTn should hit 2001 first and then on 2003.
 alias 1 6175222001 to 2001 preference 1 cfw 2003 timeou 4 huntstop
 alias 2 6175222002 to 2001 preference 1 cfw 2003 timeout 4 huntstop
 alias 3 6175222003 to 2001 preference 1 cfw 2003 timeout ...]

After hours block pattern (significance of time)

Wed, 26 Jul 2006 04:08:34 +0000
Lets look at an example where you want to block international calls outside of business hours 8 am to 5 pm.
Remember the time you should configure is in 24 hours format. So 5 pm is 17:00.
after-hours block pattern 1 9011
after-hours day Sun 17:01 08:59
after-hours day Mon 17:00 08:59
after-hours day Tue 17:00 08:59
after-hours day Wed 17:00 08:59
after-hours ...]

Auto answer timer

Wed, 12 Jul 2006 02:00:18 +0000
Decides how many seconds before answering the call automatically. Should be less than T 301 as well as Call forward no answer ring duration.

Callmanager - AD integration - Adding /Deleting users from CCM admin page

Fri, 21 Jul 2006 03:29:24 +0000
Step 1 Browse to C:\dcdsrvr\config, and open the file, UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini, in Notepad.

Caution You must open the file in Notepad. Opening the file in another text editor application may corrupt the file.

Step 2 In the UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini file, locate the key, UserDirAccess.

Step 3 Change the UserDirectAccess value to true.

Step 4 In Notepad, choose File > Save to save the file.

Step 5 Close ...]

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