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Friday, April 25, 2008

A Short www cisco com go ccie Summary

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Bloggers Unite In Acts of Kindness

Thu, 03 Jan 2008 00:32:11 +0000
When we started Bloggers Unite in 2007, it was our belief that the best social networks are born our of a sense of community — people who share common interests and experiences. We knew that bloggers could do good, and do good together. Our most recent challenge proved that to us more than any other ...]

A picture paints a thousand words

Thu, 24 Apr 2008 12:59:36 +0000
A friend sent me this rather cool link today.
I won’t give much about this description etc and let you see for yourself but this is a definite must see.

BGP essentials: Non-transit AS over on Cisco IOS Hints and tricks

Tue, 08 Apr 2008 12:06:25 +0000
BGP reading is always good!
“Sometimes I find the information on the Internet that is so far from the facts that it might actually hurt someone. For example, the configuration in this post supposedly prevents you from becoming a transit AS (which is a really bad idea if you’re a multi-homed end-user). Actually, it achieves the ...]

2007 Statistics

Thu, 03 Jan 2008 14:41:09 +0000
9 = months of study. 453 = hours of lab time. Unknown, but significant = number of hours reading and viewing videos.

IEWB Vol.3 Lab 6 - Connect 2 Separate OSPF Backbone Areas Via Redistribution + RIP v2 Without “version 2″ Command + Multilink PPP over FR (MLPoFR)

Sat, 12 Apr 2008 20:27:57 +0000
I just finished off lab 6 in the volume 3 series. One odd problem was the creation of 2 physically separate OSPF backbone area. IE gave some rules stating that the backbone areas could not be joined via a virtual link on a couple of routers or a tunnel on yet ...]

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